Rob Barnowsky

Investment Property: To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

The past couple of years has been challenging – to say the least – for buyers in the US housing market, including investors. But some long-expected relief is about to happen in 2023. So, our advice to investors is to no longer wait to buy their first or next rental property. The sooner you buy an investment property, the sooner you can start making money from real estate.

Moreover, it’s too early to know the answer to the question, “Will the housing market be better in 2024?” So there’s no point in postponing your investment decision.

Overall, 2023 is forecast to be a good time to buy real estate. Home prices are expected to calm down, inventory to increase, the housing market to shift to a buyer’s market, mortgage rates to grow less steeply, and alternative financing to be more abundant.

As always, investors will have the upper hand, whether they search for long term to provide housing to tenants or short term rental properties to host guests.