Work with us

Our Process

At MINO Lending Solutions, your goals are our goals. Our team is focused on understanding the big picture. What are you as the business owner trying to accomplish? Our process is to perform an in-depth audit of your properties to provide each owner with every option available.

We work with Revela Inc and your property managers to get the full scope of your portfolio and acquire all the documentation needed for an easy loan process. MINO provides a variety of products for real estate investors to accomplish all their goals. From BRRRR Investors to our Fix N Flip friends, every investor is covered. We offer cash out refis, portfolio loans, new purchase loans, rehab and fix n flip products. We even specialize in financing for the fraternal community. MINO Lending Solutions truly is a one-stop shop for all your financing needs.

How We’re Different

Unlike most lending companies, we use our technology to make the process easy for you. Our relationship with Revela allows us to integrate your whole experience with the platform you are already using. We coordinate directly with your property manager to ensure any needed site visits to your properties are taken care of. By gathering all needed information and documents for you, it’s as easy as e-signing on the dotted line and we take care of the rest.