Short Term Rentals

Found the perfect vacation property? Check out our Short Term rental financing!

At MINO, when it comes to VRBO and Airbnb investors, we’ve got you covered nationwide. Offering competitive rates and up to 30 year terms, there are options for every investment opportunity.

  • Competitive rates
  • Single Family, 1-4 units, Condo or Townhomes
  • Property values between $75k-$2M
  • LTV up to 80%, Purchase, Rate/Term or Cash Out options
  • 30 year fixed, ARM and interest only options
  • 640+ FICO, 1.25 Debt Service Coverage Ratio

We’re Here to Help

At MINO, we understand the difficulties Short Term rental investors have finding funding. Our team is here to bridge the gap between you and your funding needs. We can do everything from purchasing a new property to cashing out your unused equity. Let’s get started today!